Social Media Awareness Dictionary


Short Definition

Viral is an adjective that describes something that is able to spread rapidly and widely. When something goes viral, it means that it has been shared or liked by so many people that it starts to be seen by more and more people very quickly. The term "viral" is often used to describe online content, such as videos, memes, articles, etc. that is shared very widely across the internet. This can happen organically, meaning that people are sharing it because they think it's interesting or funny, or because someone with a large following has shared it. There are also times when companies or organizations will try to make something go viral on purpose. This is usually done by creating content that is designed to be shareable and using paid advertising or influencer marketing to get it in front of as many people as possible. The goal is usually to generate buzz around a product or service, which can lead to increased sales or website traffic.

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