Breaking The Algorithm with Mental Health America

May 8, 2024

Mental Health America Invites Social Media Research Institutions Founder - Jonathan N Bertrand to Washington, DC for their First Youth Lead Summit

To those wondering who sharpens me, it’s “ You “ ….  Linkdin is a powerful place when used correctly…..  You must look past title and well written bios and get to know people and  to bring  collaborative efforts from both top-down and bottom-up approaches to the table , all underpinned by a unified understanding. It was a humbling experience to directly engage and be seen as a peer and participant. Regardless of whether one is from the East Coast or West Coast or overseas , it's clear that a consensus can be reached when there's a sufficient level of understanding.

PS: For those who’ve asked me to get into “ Policy “  just wait  on it, let me process, just need a moment to take it all in ……. Mental Health America and this group of students showed me, you can’t avoid it, no matter how ethical or futuristic ideas maybe got to face the reality, it can get a little intense, but that’s the only way to create change. 

Book Mark This ……. You’re witnessing History …. 

On behalf of Social Media Research Institute and Corporate Partners 

Thank You, 

Founder / CEO / Managing Partner 

Jonathan N Bertrand 

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