PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)

January 23, 2019

0:00 Introduction

5:00 What Will Be Explored In This Documentary?

5:42 Chapter 1. How It Works

9:27 Jonathan Bertrand's Speech

11:04 The Rewarding System Of Social Media And Weaponizing Envy

16:35 Social Media Usage A Risky Behavior

18:42 The Programming Of Digital Natives

21:46 Social Media Encourages Narcissistic And Toxic Behavior

27:45 Suicide And Cyber Bullying Part 1

32:18 Suicide And Cyber Bullying Part 2

35:48 Resolution: What Can Be Done

38:06 The Dumb Phone Usage Experiment

41:12 Validation By Proxy

45:31 Social Media Is Conditioning, Not Addiction

48:15 People Describe How They Felt About The Challenge