Jeff Shires, PH.D Review

March 6, 2024

Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA), in collaboration with the Center for Humane Technology, is spearheading a grassroots campaign across various states to urge lawmakers to implement bans on addictive media elements within children's social media feeds. While this initiative marks a commendable effort towards mitigating the potential harms of social media on young users, several critical considerations underscore the complexity of addressing media addiction.

There is a new (grass roots) sheriff in town . . . 

Mothers Against Media Addiction (MAMA), backed by the Center for Humane Technology, are working state to state to pressure lawmakers to ban addictive media in children's feeds.

This is a good first step, but it is important to remember that
1) the technology/algorithms are addictive, not necessarily the content--the way the information is structured is addictive.
2) the changes we demand might actually be worse. Social media is still a new technology that we are having a hard time determining what the effects are and how they work exactly.
3) there is plenty of good on the platforms as well. Outright bans will not work and in many cases may make other problems worse.

I wish MAMA good luck and Godspeed in their mission. I am ready to help.

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