Triple Conscious Theory - Thinking In The Third Persona

April 24, 2024

Social Media Harm Reduction embraces the Triple Conscious Theory, acknowledging the coexistence of public, private, and social media personas

Examining social media in isolation is an incomplete and ineffective approach. Social media operates within a complex network that includes traditional media, business strategies, political dynamics, societal forces, individual behaviors, demographics, legal frameworks, and cultural norms. To truly address the challenges posed by social media, we must consider this intricate web of influences, which current policies and social media bans often overlook.

Social Media Harm Reduction acknowledges this multifaceted context and seeks to develop strategies that account for the interconnectedness of these factors. In doing so, it integrates concepts such as the Triple Conscious Theory, which posits that individuals navigate social media with awareness of their personal identity, societal norms, and the digital environment's unique dynamics. This theory recognizes the existence of three distinct personas: the public persona, the private persona, and the social media persona.

The public persona is the image that individuals present to the outside world, often shaped by societal expectations, cultural influences, and professional considerations. It reflects how individuals wish to be perceived by others and may differ from their private persona, which encompasses their inner thoughts, feelings, and values. In contrast, the social media persona is the curated version of oneself that individuals project on social media platforms, blending elements of their public and private personas while also being influenced by the platform's algorithms, user interactions, and content trends.

By acknowledging the existence of these multiple personas and their interactions within the broader social media ecosystem, Social Media Harm Reduction can better understand the complexities of online behavior and its potential impact on individuals and society. Rather than viewing social media use as a monolithic experience, this approach recognizes the nuanced ways in which users navigate digital spaces, balancing personal expression, social interaction, and self-presentation.

At the core of Social Media Harm Reduction is the individual user. Rather than imposing blanket bans or restrictive measures, this approach recognizes that users are active participants in the social media ecosystem and empowers them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate it safely and responsibly. Social Media First Aid represents a holistic program aimed at equipping users with practical skills and resources to mitigate potential harms associated with social media use. By focusing on education, empowerment, and support, Social Media First Aid enables users to better manage their online experiences and cultivate a healthier relationship with the digital world.

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