The Rise Of Chatbots: Social Media Persona Personified

October 3, 2023

The Triple Conscious Theory, emphasizing the dominance of the Social Media Persona in today's generation, is exemplified through advanced chatbots. These chatbots simulate human interactions, capture and organize information, and even assist in document preparation. This convergence of technology and personal identity highlights the evolving nature of our digital lives.

The Triple Conscious Theory, a concept that encompasses the idea of the Social Media Persona as the dominant form of personal identity in this generation, can be exemplified in today’s world. With the advent of advanced chatbots, we witness the embodiment of this theory in practical terms.

In this modern era, the Social Media Persona has become a pivotal aspect of our lives. It’s the identity we project online, carefully curated through our posts, interactions, and shared content. It often takes precedence over our physical selves, shaping how we are perceived and how we perceive ourselves.

Entire  chatbots, which have evolved to the point where they can seamlessly simulate human interactions. They engage in conversations, gather information, and provide assistance much like a human would. What’s remarkable is their ability to not only capture conversations but also organize and archive data efficiently.

Moreover, these advanced chatbots can extend their utility beyond mere conversations. They can play a vital role in data management, taking notes during meetings or discussions and maintaining a detailed record of these interactions. This data, meticulously collected and organized, can serve as a valuable resource for future reference and decision-making.

Furthermore, chatbots possess the potential to assist in document preparation. They can generate reports, summaries, and other documents based on the information they have gathered, which can then be reviewed, edited, and finalized by humans.

In this way, the Triple Conscious Theory finds expression in our digital age through the omnipresence of the Social Media Persona and the capabilities of chatbots to replicate human interactions, facilitate information handling, and even contribute to document creation. This synergy between technology and personal identity underscores the ever-evolving nature of our digital existence.  ( written in response to her video ) —-  ( Video created separately  )@sineadbovell .. #GreatInsight #GameChanger  ( Video  By Sinead Bovell ) 

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